Imagine That!!!

After much cogitation regarding the prior year (2016), I declare with the voice of Mr. Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. (SMILING WITHIN & OUTWARDLY) Creative beings such as myself and probably many of you reading this post, typically venture into uncertain territory to formulate and cultivateRead More

A Greater Strength

Some of my greatest powers and strengths come in the form of knowing my own limitations and thus knowing when to ask for help. It comes after constant inward battles of inadequacy. It comes with the ever nagging thoughts of who will judge me. It comes rejection after rejection due to expectations that one sees,Read More

Recycling Dirt…

After sharing the first ten chapters of my twenty chapter memoir, “Hell & Heaven at 8”, I decided to take a brief intermission in order to share a few things pressing in my spirit before presenting the last twenty chapters. Today I would like to share my thoughts about recycling dirt. She mistreats him becauseRead More

A Key Ingredient for Success

“My eyes have always seen what I see today and they still see what is to come.” (SJWH) Do you understand the above quote?  I will explain but first allow me to share with you… Two weeks ago I received “Strengthening Your Walk,” a daily devotional I am honored to participate in writing alongside fourteenRead More

Teamwork Matters

While working with a group of young people during a teamwork workshop, I had an opportunity to sit and observe behaviors and attitudes as they prepared for the day’s activity.  Some were frustrated and angry while others were withdrawn and restless.  Clearly I could see many of them were irritated.  This irritation was projected towardsRead More

“Deep Within…

You don’t know my battle, I shouldn’t even be moved by the things you say and do You’re just angry because I am no longer your puppet You can’t make me dance to the beat of your drum Or sing the same old sad blues songs You don’t know my pain, I shouldn’t even beRead More

I Don’t Want Anything FAKE!!!

Now and days it’s easy to get caught up in all the fluff and hype of the media.  They feed us what they want us to believe but ultimately it’s up to us to decipher the real from the fake. We have manipulators who scheme to acquire money from those whom they swindle.  The poorRead More

Thought of the Day…

Typically you would expect me to come with some rhythmic, thematic poem, a melodic song or a bible verse that somehow relates to my life but today I simply share what’s in my heart and on my mind. It may or may not make sense.  I t may or may not inspire.  It may orRead More


Teaching with hip-hop isn’t a new idea, but no one has been able to be as cool at it before. Beans-N-Frank are the cartoon kids who rap lessons over hard-hitting hip-hop beats. The lyrics are as catchy and memorable as Sesame Street songs, but the music sounds like tracks from top 10 hip hop artists.Read More

One Love Massive

One Love Massive is a booking agency and boutique marketing firm in DC providing social media management for businesses and artists, and talent management & bookings. We support local business and artists through social media and grassroots marketing. We can handle all of your needs simply, effectively and economically. All of our work is guaranteed,Read More