No Matter How

No matter how hard the winds blow, some trees bend but they keep their branches (I like to call them arms), they keep their branches in one of the most vulnerable positions – raised, giving honor and reverence to the Creator of all. They always provide the example of how we ought stand – inRead More

Celebrate the Year

What more could I ask for… This year has been simply amazing!  I have loved, lost, gained new friends, my family expanded, dreams came to fruition, fears faded, faith increased, focus improved and my territory increased in ways I could not imagine it would. Posted by Stacie

My Decloration

Decree and declare increase over everything in your life, BUT know this, YOU must be willing to do the work necessary for manifestation…so fast, pray, cry and then GET TO WORK!!! I decree and declare, this is the year of increased faith I decree and declare, increased works due to increased faith I decree andRead More

Just Being Honest

There was a period in time when I decided to be someone else or maybe there were several periods where I concealed my identity with anger, make-up, smiles, glittery jewels, business suits, loving others more than myself and trying way too hard to please way to many people. As I write these words I amRead More

Thinking Out Loud

Typically you would expect me to come with some rhythmic, thematic poem, a melodic song or a bible verse that somehow relates to my life but today I simply share what’s in my heart and on my mind. It may or may not make sense. I t may or may not inspire. It may orRead More

I Don’t Want

I don’t want anything fake to keep me from the knowledge and wisdom of God which is in me. No embellished physical changes, false teachings, government, money, fear, tradition or bondage of any sort will keep me from THE REAL!!! I DON’T WANT ANYTHING FAKE!!! Study and KNOW THE TRUTH…Using every tool available to youRead More

Always Be Yourself

People are caught up in making themselves appear to be more than they are with fake hair, false teeth, fake eyelashes, people are even going as far as getting fake breast, calf and butt implants.  Some use skin lighteners while others use tanning beds.  Some add chemicals to straighten hair while others add chemicals toRead More

From Me to You

Remember this as well, everything is not about the enemy or punishment for some wrong – plenty of what happens in our lives (EVERYTHING),  is simply the will of God for He does truly know, care and does ALL things well. If there is ever any example of God’s testing, Job is the perfect candidateRead More

I Am Someboy

Somebody’s freedom is contingent upon my ability to break free & remain free! Somebody’s hope is reliant on my hope! Somebody’s press depends on my press! Somebody’s breakthrough needs my breakout! Somebody’s healing is tied to my healing! Somebody’s heart needs my heart in order to live! I am NOT an island but I AMRead More

Run for Life

As I continue to Embrace Me, knowing every step matters, I encourage you to RUN, but do it slowly. Be Bold! Be Consistent! Be Brave! Be Energetic! Be Resilient! Be ALIVE in every moment of your life, embracing every outcome! DECLARATION: May you run and not grow weary May you run and not faint MayRead More