Peacesong DC

Carolivia’s latest book, Peacesong DC went to press on her 69th birthday, July 22, 2016. Peacesong DC consists of fictionalized autobiographical chapters extracted and amended from Carolivia Herron’s longer work, Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair, in order to highlight the Washington DC aspect of the author’s identity. In Peacesong DC Carolivia’s persona, Shirah Shulamit OjeroRead More

National Novel Writing Month

Epics run through my life. I loved Milton as a child. I studied classics, earning a PhD, and taught Epic Literature at major universities. I wrote an epic as a children’s book – Nappy Hair – and left academia to pursue a dream of helping others find the epic story within communities and individuals. TodayRead More

Just A Prayer

Holy and loving God, hear the cry of your children. We need you at this moment. Heal hearts that are broken. Be the comfort people need in this moment. Ease stress and make burdens light. Be with the rejected, neglected, betrayed, and those feeling lost and hopeless. Send living angels in the earth to meetRead More

The Love In You

Healing did not happen overnight. Peace was not obtained without turmoil. Calmness did not magically appear without chaos. Clarity did not manifest without confusion. Love did not come without great understanding. Love, Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris

Set Your Goals

When struggling or identifying area(s) in our lives that need to be transformed, applying these steps WILL transform us!!! Replace alcohol with that vice…lying, stealing, gossiping, fornicating, nasty attitude…let go and Watch God Transform !!! To God be the glory…this IS my story!!! I would love to share anything to help US along life journey!!! Read More

Lifes Choices

Question who or what will be around your deathbed? What we do with our lives today, until that day, will determine who is there. Trust me I know – I’ve been there twice. Written by Titus Broom

Builders Always Build

Do you understand the nature and importance of foundation? Definition of foundation: (noun) the basis or ground work of anything the basis for something physical or mental the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like (Partly or wholly below the surfaceRead More

God Is Love

All to often, many of us feel trapped, confused, frustrated, lost or as if we are fighting against ourselves but I want to remind you that you are God’s best! Facades are the working of the enemy to cloud your mind and your vision of self.  We all question our existence, our purpose, our failuresRead More

Todays Prayer

I pray that you fortify our hearts individually and collectively and that we become a people of greater conviction and commitment for Your word as well as a people of deep compassion.  I release the two sides of self of each person reading this post into Your hands Lord for You to have Your way doingRead More