Returning A Lost Phone To Its Owner

If you’ve ever misplaced your smartphone, you know how hard it can be to retrieve a lost device. So when you find a deserted device, you should return it as soon as possible. However, most people lock their phone screens for security, so when you need to track down the owner, you can’t simply fire upRead More

My Message Of Faith

God is rich in grace, gentle in mercy, full of love (which He freely gives). He knows how He created us and who He designed each of us to BE. This morning I encourage you to seek to know thyself, and Embrace your strategically God-crafted design. Speak well over yourself. Do not cave to theRead More

Healthy habits you should give up

We all have them – habits we think are healthy because we heard them somewhere on the news or from a health-conscious friend. And no matter how much we hate them, we just keep doing them because we think they’re good for us. Take using BMI to tell whether you’re a healthy weight. Is it reallyRead More

Where you work out says a lot about your personality

Ready to play matchmaker? Follow these basic guidelines: If you’re an introvert: You probably like exercise for its quiet, head-clearing benefits. Matthews recommends activities like endurance sports (swimming, cycling, running), one-on-one personal training, rock climbing, golf, or mind-body disciplines like yoga and Pilates. “Mind-body exercise is non-judgmental in nature and is more process-oriented versus goal- or performance-oriented,” she says.Read More

Friendship with Women is Unnatural

    Friendship with women is an abnormal phenomenon that is witnessed only in our modern, androgynous culture. It had been a completely foreign concept throughout our history and it was only in very recent times that it became normalized.   Children who have not yet reached puberty may be more open to playing withRead More

A Word For Today

Speak well over yourself. Do not cave to the negative voices of others, and certainly do not give in to negative self talk. There’s value in positivity that manifest when you think it, speak it, and believe it – you then BECOME what you think, speak, and believe. “If thou canst believe, ALL things areRead More

I Stand Up For Myself

The same one that builds and breathes life is the same destroyer that steals the innocence of my love leaving me with a bleeding heart. Though I build my resistance to love, the gift giver constantly and creatively encourages me to invite love in beyond my bleeding heart…. So shall it be.

Whats The Craze About Juicing

Juice is the health trend that just won’t go away. There’s a juicing shop on practically every city block, and everyone from your Spin instructor to your mother downs glasses of it daily. There’s no doubt that juicing is ubiquitous—but is it as healthy as everyone says? Juice can help you consume more vitamins andRead More