Life As I Can Tell

 I smiled at the thought and took a glance over my life remembering pressures have always produced something greater in me – FAITH – a steadfastness and persistence that I cannot describe with words. Sadness, remorse, frustration, need, the appearance of emptiness and even anger causes me to search for a truth beyond what myRead More

Feeling Peoples Vibes

I hear the alarms sounding wildly in the echoes of the wind; still I allow you inside my deep stirring energy? You feed me blue skies and beautiful rays of sun so why would I consider you as the darkness that withdraws the moon from my midnight?

Do You Really Need to Floss

It’s the perennial oral-health question: How often should you floss? Some people do it three times a day. Some do it whenever they remember. And others only do it a few times after a dentist visit, then the floss goes back to the recesses of their medicine cabinet. As insignificant as the act may seem, flossing isRead More

Birth control pills raise breast cancer risk

Taking hormone based contraception such as the birth control pill raises a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 20 percent, a new Danish study shows. Even newer lower-dose birth control pills raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer, although the actual danger is “quite small,” researchers reported Wednesday. Hormone-infused devices such as vaginal rings, implantsRead More