Understanding What Life Is

“In order to know who you really are,  In order to know the power which you possess, In order to grow,  In order to live and be free,  You must first be willing to embrace every moment… The days before your existence,  The days when you came to be and the legacy that you willRead More

Living Longer But Unhealthy Lives

Overall life expectancy is increasing but health quality seems to be decreasing in people’s later years. “We need to start having very frank discussions about what social care is going to look like, what healthcare is going to look like… and all of this needs to be set against the context of an ageing society.”Read More

Vitamin C Deficiency Your Ignoring

While serious vitamin C deficiency is uncommon, you still may be missing out on this important nutrient. Here’s how to recognize vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for numerous daily functions. In these 12 foods, vitamin C can even be a fat-burner. Since your body doesn’t store it, developingRead More