Standing Strong In My Faith

 Emptiness clutters our minds and clouds our vision of SELF. We begin to feed on lies of things such as; success and failure, rejection and pain, low times and high times, are our source of value. So today, I pour back into myself first by asking God to renew my mind and cleanse my heart. Then IRead More

What I Share With You

I hear the alarms sounding wildly in the echoes of the wind; still I allow you inside my deep stirring energy? You feed me blue skies and beautiful rays of sun so why would I consider you as the darkness that withdraws the moon from my midnight? Optimistically I search for you with the smileRead More

Breast Cancer May Return

Breast cancer can “smolder” and return even 20 years later unless patients keep taking drugs to suppress it, researchers reported Wednesday. They were looking for evidence that at least some breast cancer survivors might be able to skip the pills that reduce the risk of the breast tumors coming back, but found that even womenRead More

Sexual Harassment Can Cause Psychological Harm

Any form of sexual harassment, whether verbal or physical, has the power to cause psychological harm, according to a new study. The research, which was published Thursday in the International Journal of Public Healthand comes at a time when sexual misconduct is under increasing public scrutiny, finds that non-physical sexual harassment — such as derogatory comments, unwanted sexual attentionRead More