Take A Minute For You

Sometimes I want to take matters into my own hands…I want to take my life into my own hands but then I have those scriptures that have been placed in my Spiritual treasure chest to remind me to: Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding

Always Trying To Do Better

I strive to be kind even when others are not so kind to me.  I get angry but work diligently to think good thoughts for it is NOT my desire to act as others do, viciously tearing one another down.  Although, I must admit, I am just as much capable of destructive behaviors and violence asRead More

Is Walking Good for You

It may inspire jokes among the more athletically inclined, but mall walking (typically attributed as a pastime for senior citizens) has benefits for all ages. The simple activity may be overshadowed by flashy high-intensity workouts that garner praise for their fat-burning attributes, a new study says that walking—even just a little—can help you live longer. The Centers for DiseaseRead More

Does Sugar Cause Cancer?

Sugar, specifically refined processed sugar, has always been something you should enjoy sparingly. But, increasingly, there’s a campaign against sugaras a public health menace. And now there are claims that it may be linked to cancer. So what’s the science? And what’s the healthy thing to do? “Sugar” means “processed, refined sugar.” A sugar, in the scientificRead More