A Word About God

Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, or whether you read the bible or not; God is near and His word tells us that their is a time and a season for EVERYTHING that we experience in this life. You will laugh, and cry, and be up and then down. You will enjoyRead More

Articulating Your Thoughts

As a writer, the ability to articulate your thoughts is crucial. It can also be difficult. In addition to writing, journaling may be beneficial to your writing.  Journaling keeps your writing consistent. Part of completing your manuscript, means being self discipline enough to work on it often. Journaling can assist you in creating the habitRead More

The Emotion Within My Story

Dialogue brings your characters to life. It is the expression of their personalities. Dialogue is extremely important within your  nonfiction work. There are some important things to know about dialogue. Dialogue is always a new paragraph. It belongs on the next line, indented and preceded by an open quote. When dialogue for the first personRead More

A Prayer For Today

Holy and loving God, hear the cry of your children. We need you at this moment. Heal hearts that are broken. Be the comfort people need in this moment. Ease stress and make burdens light. Be with the rejected, neglected, betrayed, and those feeling lost and hopeless. Send living angels in the earth to meetRead More