Writing My Life

I am now the author of one book, co-author of a poetry compilation, and a contributing author of two books with a third writing contribution on the way. Recently, many of my peers asked how I became a writer and my response was this: Since I was eight years old I knew I would oneRead More

Keep The Faith

God is rich in grace, gentle in mercy, full of love (which He freely gives). He knows how He created us and who He designed each of us to BE. This morning I encourage you to seek to know thyself, and Embrace your strategically God-crafted design. Speak well over yourself. Do not cave to theRead More

Just Remember This

Healing did not happen overnight. Peace was not obtained without turmoil. Calmness did not magically appear without chaos. Clarity did not manifest without confusion. Love did not come without great understanding. by Misha Roth

The Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer

The scientific link between alcohol and breast cancer is strong, but most of the research backing it has been done in white women, not diverse groups of women. Now, in a new analysis published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, scientists find the same risk among black women. They studied more than 22,000 women inRead More