Not Free until broken…

While lying in the bed this morning I had a gentle reminder of a meditation shared on the prayer line in November of 2011 and again June 2012. My first thought was, “Why? Why broken?” and I heard this, “Pressure means God desires to pull something out in order to pour something greater in”. IRead More

Imagine That!!!

After much cogitation regarding the prior year (2016), I declare with the voice of Mr. Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. (SMILING WITHIN & OUTWARDLY) Creative beings such as myself and probably many of you reading this post, typically venture into uncertain territory to formulate and cultivateRead More

Sharing My Thoughts

As I ponder on my current journey to gain training and credentialing in counseling, I cannot help but to continue to focus on Paul’s declaration in I Corinthians 9:19-23. Paul is basically saying that he will not lose who he is for the sake of the gospel, yet at the same time; he will meetRead More

The Spiritual Age of Hip-Hop?

For this story, I asked my friends a simple question: “Who are the top spiritual rappers in the game and why?” Everyone seemed to have a different list of artists and their responses were definitively connected to how they viewed spirituality and faith. Syracuse’s own Sammy Award-winning musician Joe Driscoll joined the discussion andRead More

The Body of Christ

ATTN CHURCH: When my son Gabe was about 3 years old, I remember catching him jumping on the living room couch, although I had asked him not to do so 1000000.5 times before. The conversation then proceeded thusly lol: ME: Gabe!!!! Didn’t I tell you not to jump on the couch?!?! GABE: “Yes Dad, butRead More

Knowing your faith

The word faith continues to enter my mind and be a constant thought. And as I continue to ponder on this word, these thoughts come to mind: For starters, I believe it is a verb because faith promotes action, whether it means being still or stepping forth. Faith involves action. Faith also promotes having completeRead More

Insurance Policy

Yesterday I spoke about insurance policy. The simplest definition of it is a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. The synonyms include words such as protection, defense, safeguard, security, hedge, precaution, provision, surety. All these words are used to provide comfort, assurance, and make you feel that everything is going to be ok nowRead More

God’s Love

Greetings, Do you know how much God loves you? Have you ever looked up at the stars at night and tried to count them all? Do you ever try to picture the face that put each star in its place? Have you ever tried to picture the face that knows you are looking up toRead More