Trying to Understand Life

Sometimes I want to take matters into my own hands…I want to take my life into my own hands but then I have those scriptures that have been placed in my Spiritual treasure chest to remind me to: Why then do I feel like I am being conquered and overcome by the world? Why can’tRead More

Real LOVE Ladies of Virtuous Essence

Single and looking for love? Have you been looking in all the wrong places ending up broken, hurt, confused and STILL single? Embrace the personas of God Himself by author T.C. Spellen and walk in your newness during this 30 day devotional. Biblical truths applied with real life situations, journaling and self-examination will transform andRead More

Is Stress Making You Fat?

Feeling frazzled all the time may raise your risk for obesity, researchers say. Sure, your life is bananas. And maybe you feel like you can manage it all just fine. But here is a powerful reason to pencil in some me time: Feeling stressed for months at a time can up your risk for obesity,Read More

Poetry In Motion

The Rapture of Us It’s whirling all around me red, then blue then yellow, then gold So intense, I melt into it Then I explode I climb so high Lost in the sensation I succumb to your passionate creation I cry out in pleasure My body on fire I cling to your scent Hunger feedingRead More