Thought of the Day

The only time we should ever look back, is to see how far we’ve come. Continue to stand on his promises in faith and let God do his thing!!!@ I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength. Philip 4:13 Have a bless day, Live Life on Purpose… AMEN JUST ONE DROPRead More

Something for Thought

Whether you are a believer in the Bible or not, is that arrogance and pride are usually most people’s downfall. It is Humility and the ability to be receptive to guidance and wisdom that results in successful execution of things. Erin Simon

Thoughts of Life

Surrender your heart and all your thoughts to me again this day. Allow your brokenness – be it your broken heart, your broken thoughts, your broken body, your broken family, your broken finances, your broken vision, your broken state of being – surrender and allow me, your God, the one who loves you, to mendRead More

Where Are You

“Where, where, where, oh where are all these things? Let me tell you where they are: they are tied up. They are bound – all desiring to be free, right now, in this moment, at the same time. But you cannot be loosed and freed standing in your own might, hardened, turned away, seeking wholenessRead More

The Love In You

Healing did not happen overnight. Peace was not obtained without turmoil. Calmness did not magically appear without chaos. Clarity did not manifest without confusion. Love did not come without great understanding. Love, Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris

Lifes Choices

Question who or what will be around your deathbed? What we do with our lives today, until that day, will determine who is there. Trust me I know – I’ve been there twice. Written by Titus Broom

Builders Always Build

Do you understand the nature and importance of foundation? Definition of foundation: (noun) the basis or ground work of anything the basis for something physical or mental the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like (Partly or wholly below the surfaceRead More

A Fathers Love

People always say that there is nothing like a Mother’s love and though this is true, I would like to SCREAM to the world that there is nothing like a Daddy’s love, one that is real, true, pure, authentic… You were my superhero…my superman… Your Little Girl, Stacie

Look At Life

For new is my appearance… The doors opened to me… No longer shall I deny but I receive… My lips are swollen… Ready to pour out… As my heart now opens to purity… Cleansed and now whole… My head drips with fresh oil… A quickening captures my soul… My eyes sought and now my soul hasRead More