Healthy habits you should give up

We all have them – habits we think are healthy because we heard them somewhere on the news or from a health-conscious friend. And no matter how much we hate them, we just keep doing them because we think they’re good for us. Take using BMI to tell whether you’re a healthy weight. Is it reallyRead More

Where you work out says a lot about your personality

Ready to play matchmaker? Follow these basic guidelines: If you’re an introvert: You probably like exercise for its quiet, head-clearing benefits. Matthews recommends activities like endurance sports (swimming, cycling, running), one-on-one personal training, rock climbing, golf, or mind-body disciplines like yoga and Pilates. “Mind-body exercise is non-judgmental in nature and is more process-oriented versus goal- or performance-oriented,” she says.Read More

Mixing Herbal Supplements and Perscription drugs

A new study highlights potentially dangerous interactions between herbal supplements and prescription medications. Researchers looked at dozens of reports of serious drug interactions among patients with disorders like high-blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and depression. They found herbal supplements may affect medications’ effectiveness or have side effects. “For most Americans who are about to take theirRead More

Foods A Food Safety Expert Never Eats

1. Raw sprouts All types of raw sprouts, including alfalfa, mung bean, clover and radish sprouts, are at the top of Marler’s list. “Sprouts are just a really difficult product to make safe,” he said. “Seeds get contaminated and then when you sprout things in warm water, it’s a perfect bath for the bacteria toRead More

To Prevent A Cold

When it comes to colds, you know the drill. Once you have one, the best you can do is chain yourself to a box of tissues and brave the storm. In other words, prevention really is the best medicine. Here, 8 surprisingly effective ways to cut colds off before they start. Wash up Every timeRead More

Healthy Ways To Indulge Your Cravings

Need a tasty treat you can snack on when a food craving strikes? I’ve got you covered. Indulge in these satisfying swaps the next time you have a hankering for something sweet, salty or chocolatey. And you’ll feel good knowing that each Joy Food option is less than 200 calories and offers a dose of nutrition to boot. GoRead More

When To Change Your Toothbrush

“It really depends how often you use your toothbrush,”  it’s better to judge by how the brush looks than how long you’ve had it. “Once the bristles start to bend, you’re not really cleaning as effectively.” For most people who brush twice a day, he says that 3-month ADA guideline is probably right. If you brushRead More

Take A Look At What You’re Drinking

You’re exercising, watching carbs and refraining from second-helpings, yet you’ve reached a weight-loss roadblock. It may be time to consider some unexpected reasons why you can’t meet your weight loss goals. Assess the liquid calories you’re drinking. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what’s healthy and what’s not. 4 ‘Healthy’ Drinks That Can Cause Weight Gain 1.Read More