Does Double-Dipping Get You Sick?

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you’ll clearly remember the 1993 episode where George Costanza was called out for double-dipping. His fellow partygoer told him that his double-dipping was like putting his whole mouth in the dip. (Gross!) Looking at it that way makes double-dipping a definite don’t. Still, many of us see no harm inRead More

Will Vitamin C Cure My Cold?

Whenever I come down with a cold, I buy two things: NyQuil and orange juice. I try to approach the NyQuil with moderation, but I chug the juice, with the belief that the surge of vitamin C will magically heal me. Of course, that never happens, and I spend the next week coughing and blowingRead More

Advil vs. Tylenol

Over-the-counter pain relievers can do wonders for headaches or other pain, but be careful not to damage your liver. Most things in life are about balance and moderation, and pain killers are no different. While Advil, Motrin and Tylenol offer relief when you’ve tweaked your neck or have a fever, taking too much of these medicationsRead More

Can The Flu Shot Get You Sick?

The flu shot comes with some side effects, but how do they compare with the flu’s symptoms? It’s no secret the flu vaccination was designed to help protect you from getting sick with the flu, but can it also cause unwanted side effects? In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone 6 monthsRead More