A Journey through Life

Life is a journey with many roads.  It’s like a tree with many roots that lead to many branches.  Each root with its own purpose and each branch having its purpose, yet, they are connected by the middle.  They sustain one another and give purpose one to the other.  This story and the story yetRead More

I’m Talking to You

It is my hope that you gain an understanding of your own significance to begin embracing who you are and without defining yourself according to failures, successes, generational curses or the like.  Essentially, healing broken women leads to healing and restoration of broken boys, men and prayerfully, families. Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris

Strength in You

There are always “whys” and “reasons” that such actions are perpetrated upon women, the nurturers of humanity; however, they are never justifiable. Mental illness, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, esteem issues, relationship dysfunction, being abused, neglected, abandoned, mistreated by women, or just being raised with a zero sense of morality – all inexcusable reasons for menRead More

A Moment to Myself

Sitting here by the water enjoying the lush green scenery, watching the children run and play, listening to the ducks splash, hearing the birds chirp, catching a whiff of the fall air as the wind blows across the ponds water sends my mind rippling back to my early childhood days. I close my eyes andRead More

“Ask Angelo”

The newly released book by Celebrity PR Guru, Angelo Ellerbee “Ask Angelo” has reached #37 on the Amazon Book Charts.   Available for interviews thru  Doublexxposure Media contact: Danni Farrar at 201-224-6570 or 929-312-2559. Any further inquires please email TheEllerbeeGroup@aol.com by Mish

Can The Flu Shot Get You Sick?

The flu shot comes with some side effects, but how do they compare with the flu’s symptoms? It’s no secret the flu vaccination was designed to help protect you from getting sick with the flu, but can it also cause unwanted side effects? In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone 6 monthsRead More

Be Honest

To be honest I cannot speak for everyone but from my minimal experience it seems we want what is most familiar more then what is best. It can take years for a person to go from being an employee to a boss or from a boss to an actual entrepreneur because we often do whatRead More

Making a Change

Be open to change, growth and development but know the difference between someone trying to change you and someone aiding to your advancement Do not allow the idea of love, the need for companionship or constant loneliness to dictate your actions – Be happy with you Rid yourself of your own mental and emotional garbageRead More