“If You Were Blind”

If you were blind how would you really see me,

Would you see how expansive my interest in art, in the world or anything?

Forget seeing how I wear my clothes or the color of skin.

How much different would our relationship be then.

Would my poems suffice as enough material for you to decide,

If I’m a cool or crazy type of guy?

Would you know I’m cultured if I spoke a little French to you?

What if I said Commet tu t’appelle tu? (What is your name?)

Would you be surprised that I listen to Bach, Mancini or Ellington?

Or get carried away in thought by a poem by Yates or Thoreau’s Walden expedition?

I’m curious to know, how many relationships I would develop or how many would no be so,

Would my circle of friends change, would it potentially grow.

If you were blind could you really see me.

By: Felipe Patterson



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