Where the Unknown shall be Known

As the story goes a war broke out between the people. The Queen of the Golden haired people was accused of fornication when her child was born with black skin and golden hair. The Aborigines of Aropa were forced from their land and into the sea, sailing west to the Amarica’s and east to Australia. Those who stayed later form the Arab Nation. Gin made a final stand to not allow this evil to cross the Sea by use the Tree of Life, turning it from a Guidon of Peace into a Weapon of War. Everything on the land and in the sea died. This breaking of the Covenant was the downfall of Man that cursed all our descendent into mortal slavery.
Gin vowed that his Spirit would watch over the land that was taken from his people until the day the name Aropa will rise again and take her place with her sisters at this round table “Earth”. The Tree of Life now in (two) 6 feet parts was picked up by the Twins of Gin and Isys (Shiva & Shiba) blessed with a mark upon their forehead. IY told them “No Man can harm you, Give one to Africa and the other to Asia. Teach her Children of the Covenant made between Man and IY.
It shall be written



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