The History of the World through The Science of Astrology

After the Great Flood, Three Kingdom lived for thousands of years in Peace as a Tri-nation under one flag, Red, Black, Green and Yellow, which flew at the top of the 12 ft pole, the piece of the Tree of Life held by Itym, serving as the Emblem for Millions of Years of Peace. Red is for the blood of the Human race, Black for the Tree of Life, Green for the Earth and Yellow for the Sun. Asia was the Father Nation, Africa was the Mother Nation, and Aropa was a Baby Nation. These three Nations were rule by Gin the Yellow King and Isys his Black Queen. It was foretold that out of the Caucasus Mountain a tribe of Golden haired people would come to enslave the people of these Great Nations. These Golden haired people found the Mountains of Asia too hard to climb and the sands of Africa too soft to cross but the Nation of Aropa welcomed these golden haired people with open arms. They waved a white flag, a flag unfamiliar to these black haired people of Aropa, not knowing these golden haired people sort to enslave their minds as well as their bodies when they said, “We come from The Great Mountain(Eden)”. Over time,The Nation of Aropa changed it name to Europa as a sign of peace between these two people.
It shall be continued



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