The Daily Routine

Quite often we wake up, take our next breath, rub our eyes, swing our legs over the edge of the bed, whisper prayers into the atmosphere asking God to give us strength to make it through the day, rise from the bed, walk to the bathroom, brush out teeth, take a shower, clothe ourselves, begin making list for the days “must do” things, pack lunches for the children, fix breakfast, eat and then we move about the rest of the day going from task to task.  Some many things need to be done and we do as much as we can for that day and leave the rest for the next day.
Many of us have a similar routine with our spiritual lives.  We go to church each week, pray on a daily basis, attend bible study, read the scriptures, we are diligent to be kind to our neighbors, we say we love God, we feed the hungry and give shelter to those in need but somehow we have become so immersed in the culture and routine of doing God’s work that we forget we ARE God’s work.  The routine is not what God desires.  He does want us to be diligent in all we do but we must often search our hearts to see if we have grown complacent.  Yes, all these things are important but it is equally important to expect God to perform miraculously in your life and in the lives of others.  We are so caught in routine that we don’t even look for God to do something new.  We are now looking for God to heal.  We are not expecting restoration in our families.  Many of us aren’t even sure if we believe because it appears things in our lives are not changing or getting better.
I encourage you to search not only your heart but pay close attention to the things that you are thinking.  What are you saying to yourself?  What do you believe? Are you going along day by day in the daily routine because it appears that is the thing you should be doing?
Know this, the Lord did something wonderful when He created you! Walk not in the routine but as the work of God in the spirit of God which is love.  He redeemed you and thus, you are no longer the same.  Expect God’s divine power to work in you and in your life.


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