Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story. And, it is through these pages that one will receive a glimpse or a portion of the story, whether it is through the person’s, who is telling the story, testimony or through one’s observation of how the story is being told/lived.

It is through these stories that one can see strength and vulnerabilities. It is also through these stories that one can see breakthrough, change, stagnation, and/or complacency.

Nevertheless, it’s still a story, whether it is a powerful, life changing story or otherwise.

I am so thankful for stories and I am grateful for my story because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate people’s testimonies/legacy and it gives me the opportunity share/reveal my testimonies and focus on the legacy I would love to leave behind.

Stories also teach life lessons and stories give us the opportunity to make decisions on how we like for our pages within our stories to be revealed.

Amen and hurray for stories.



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