“Finding Chris My Father” by Vincent Ellis White

 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America – 1-3 live in biological father-absent homes. Nine in ten Americans agree this is a crisis. Due to the “father factor”, affecting most of the social issues in America today-from police brutality, to youth delinquency and academic failures-breakdowns in the system have become all too prevalent. This underscores the fact that children with involved fathers do better across every statistic on child well-being than their peers in father-absent homes. A stable at-home dad was something yearned for by author/advocate Vincent Ellis White when he was a kid. Seeing how it led to rage and rebellion in his own life, he now focuses on mentoring, healthy family advocacy, & strengthening families by way of creating awareness and open dialogue to help address similar problems faced by youths dealing with the father factor.

                      Author,Vincent Ellis White with his Father (L)Chris Anderson

“Son, I have something to tell you. The man who you think is your dad, isn’t.”

These words changed the life of White when he was 16 years old. Since, the Richmond, Virginia native has become an inspiration to a rapidly growing audience with a book and a stage play that has made even hardened ex-cons stand up and weep. The realization that the frequently incarcerated father he knew, troubled, or not, was not his blood-kin filled his teenage years with anger and confusion. He currently motivates individuals needing to transcend similar emotional barriers, just as he did. The now successful author/founder of the book and a touring stage play by the same name, “Finding Chris, My Father” shares a story that gives a very candid and emotionally compelling look at the issues of fatherhood, bullying, and domestic violence. His lectures and counseling seminars have generated similar quests among readers who seek to heal long open wounds. The book attracted producers Lamont Ferguson and acting coach, Marlon Hargrave who helped launched the stage play, which has been touring since 2013 and performed at the likes of Virginia State University amongst many. White’s heartfelt story has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, the nationally syndicated Donnie McClurkin radio show, and lectured upon at Virginia Commonwealth University to name a few.

The social activist brings with him a riveting tale that moves every audience he stands before, and it keeps him busy on national lecture tours, and (until recently) hosting a successful online radio program centered around the tough subjects of fatherlessness and relationships. White has enjoyed numerous appointments such as the Annual Richmond Regional-Virginia Family Fatherhood Symposium Workshop Presenter of “Father Absence to Father Presence”, and Richmond Virginia’s Style Weekly magazine “Top 40 under 40” award-winning recipient for outstanding efforts in the city/community, 2010. He carries an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications, a Master’s in Education, and an Executive Management Certificate in Business Management.

My story brings people together and motivates the masses. It evokes hope.”

Vincent Ellis White is currently available for media interviews and is a sought-after guest speaker for radio/TV/seminars/panels. He brings families together with his moving quest to find his father and fill a hurting void-so common in today’s fatherless youths. His two published books: “The Fully-Seasoned Man’s Relationship Recipe” and “Finding Chris, My Father” are both gaining traction and attention-even from Hollywood, with the latter now having movie offers starting to role in. As an entrepreneur, his V.E.W Enterprises (an appropriate acronym and double entendre which bares his initials, and also represents: voice, empowerment, & wisdom) allows him the means to sew all of it together and continue his outstanding devotion to empowering families, by raising awareness.

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