MittsFits The Rock!!!


“MittsFits”, is a functional movement personal training program designed to combine the strength, power, coordination, and speed of the professional fighter with the body awareness and versatility of a decathlete.

MMA training is one the hottest trends in fitness. Everyone from exercise enthusiasts to NFL players seems to be adapting MMA-inspired workouts because of the great results in appearance, strength, power, agility, and mobility.

Unfortunately, many “MMA conditioning” programs are poorly-designed and involve many dangerous exercises. These programs are often designed by people who little, if any, real experience, and are more concerned with looking “cool” or being the most “hardcore” workout.

MittsFits is a total training system, prescribed as a primary or supplemental regimen for soccer moms, weekend warriors, dedicated professional athletes, or anyone who just wants to improve their physical fitness.

MittsFits blends Exercise Science and Fight Science, resulting in a complete-body progressive system.

The MittsFits program has been used successfully for several years to prepare the fighters, for amateur and professional competitions. Nothing beats results!

The physical benefits are solid. Cognitive and emotional changes are immediate and permanent.

The Rock!!!



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