The Warriors Code


The Boxer’s eightfold path

Right views:
Understanding you must see clearly what is wrong

Right purpose:
aspiration decide to be cured!

Right speech:
speak so as to aim to be cured.

Right conduct:
you must act!

Right effort:
(a) your livelihood must not conflict with your therapy.
(b) The therapy must go forward at a consistant speed, the critical speed that can be maintained.

RIght awareness:
mind control) you must feel it and think about it unceasingly.

Right concentration:
meditation) learn how to contemplate with the deep mind.

Right company:
your peers) boxer’s are known by the guess they entertain, be aware of your influences.

We open here with a phrase action is our relationship to everything

Though punches and kicks are the tools that feed our ego, the tool, your natural weapons, have a double purpose.

To destroy the opponents in front of you annihilation of things that stand in the way of your peace, justice, and humanity.

To destroy your own impulses caused by the instincts of self preservation.

To destroy anything bothering your mind. Not to hurt anyone but to overcome your own greed, anger and folly. W.O.B

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