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Warriors of Brotherhood Martial Arts Academy


W.O.B. was founded by Master Anthony Graham of the B.O.W. Whu Shu Academy. Master Graham is a first generation student of Grand Master Fields from Kun Lun Mountain Vagabond Clan. His passion for the martial arts was ignited in his youth when his father enrolled him in boxing classes at a local gym. There, he grew to be a golden glove boxing champion fighter. He was greatly influenced by the phenomenal work of Bruce Lee. During the height of the chop-socky craze, and quickly decided like most young urban boys, that Kung Fu was what he wanted to study. Of Course, Kung Fu schools were few and far between in the city at that time. So, then Master Graham studied Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo.

Soon the example that Bruce Lee set in his teaching philosophy began to be popular, even if scorned, and it effected the way traditional martial arts was shared in the US, and abroad. While maintaining his strong roots in traditional martial arts, Master Graham embraced the concepts taught by Bruce Lee.

Shi Fu Dennis A. Johnson
Chief of Warriors of Brotherhood Martial Arts Academy (Tao Siu Fat)

In 1985 while involved in a community center program, I began to study the techniques of Boxers of Wu Shu, the Tao Eclectic fighting otherwise known as B.O.W., under the teaching of Shi fu Bill Brock.

In 1988, I was introduced to the creator and founder of B.O.W., Grandmaster Abdul Graham, and began studying the essence of B.O.W.

I initially began instructing B.O.W. Academy students in 1993, as an assistant to Grandmaster Abdul Graham. In 1993 -1996, I was an assistant aerobics instructor for Cypress Creek Community Center. In 1997, as assistant to Grandmaster Joe Parrish, I instructed youths for the Healthy Mind and Healthy Body Prince George’s County after school program. I also instructed a woman’s rape defense class and various self-defense programs. Presently, I am instructing private sessions.

Primary Aim

The primary aim of W.O.B. martial arts is:
To provide an affordable, community based facility that gives youths and adults irrespective of social class, gender, and ethnicity or financial- the opportunity to develop mental and physical well being through participation in martial arts, fitness and related activities.

The delivery of this aim will be through the programming which is primarily an extension of the successful formula already in place at the B.O.W. Martial Arts Academy, with additions to the product mix that enable the extended delivery of the overall aim for the Centre.

Strategic Importance

A major increase in participation is sports and physical activities, primarily because of the significant health benefits and to reduce the growth costs on inactivity.

Increasing participation in sports and active recreation
Improving levels performance
Widening access
Improving health and well being
Creating stronger and safer communities
Improving education
Benefiting the economy

The overall role that W.O.B. contributes as a player in the delivery of strategic objectives at all levels cannot be over emphasized. As an important community facility it also has a national role.

W.O.B. offers physical fitness regiments, mixed and traditional martial arts, and personal self defense program for all ages.

Our Mission Statement

We are bombarded with information and rules on how to deal with the safety and security of those we wish to protect. Legal stipulations and moral standards provide a framework for actions when it comes to confronting hostile situations.

As parents, family members, friends and neighbors, we are wiling to put ourselves in harms way to ensure the safety of those we care for. Unfortunately, many of us have insufficient knowledge, training and physical conditioning to effectively protect or defend ourselves.
It is the mission of this course to provide practical, easy to learn, field proven concepts, techniques, and training methods, In which we might safely and swiftly diffuse a confrontation where physical contact in unavoidable. We are usually given lots of information on ‘when to use force, but seldom are we offered training on ‘how much’ force to use. The split-second judgment can make the difference between an injury, a day in the court, or some unthinkable disaster.

Through the use of drills, exercises and role play, we will focus the attributes of sensitivity, body, environmental awareness, timing, speed, and agility. By learning and practicing techniques which emphasize economy of motion and bio-mechanical control, participation will be equipped with the tools they need to provide safety and security to themselves and their families.

Course Outline

Level 1

Registration and Introduction
Policy Review
Training Concepts
Basic Punches
Palm Strike (weaker submission strikes)
Hand Combinations ( focus pad drills)
Arm Blocks ( General Blocking rule: arms to arms, legs to legs)
Arm Block Drills
Kicking Concepts
Ground Concepts
Review practical Exercises and Proficiency Testing

Level 2

Defense against chokes& holds
Two Hand Grabs
Bear Hugs
Basic Concepts
Scissors Control
Side Mount Control
Escaping the Mount
Victim Rescue techniques (ground)
Review practical Exercises and Proficiency Testing
Level 3

Armed Attacks
Stick, Knife, and Gun Defense
Vehicle Security
Common items as Weapons
Advanced Ground Fighting
Defense against Multiple Attackers
Review practical Exercises and Proficiency Testing

The residual effects of this course will include improved fitness levels, strength, endurance, and flexibility. It will also lead to a positive self image and confidence leads to vitality and longevity. W.O.B wants’ this to be a safe and enjoyable experience.

by Dennis Johnson


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