Building Again

Most of us are used to an exegesis of the biblical text or rather a critical explanation or interpretation but today I shall not do that.  I am simply going to use the text, comparing it to us and life – providing real life, tangible and relevant word that will leave each of us ponderingRead More

Baggage & Boundaries (Part II)

In part I of Baggage & Boundaries, Marcell “The Voice” Russell poured out light, love and healing with his words as well as his music.  Here in part II of Baggage & Boundaries, gifted singer, songwriter, world leader and sacred woman, Ama Chandra provides insight to enlighten the masses regarding the baggage and boundaries inRead More

Coffee Cravings

Anybody up for a steaming cup of Joe? Turns out your DNA may hold the answer. New research suggests that your genes influence how much coffee you drink. Researchers analyzed genetic data from more than 1,200 people in Italy, who were asked how much coffee they drank each day. Those with a gene variant calledRead More

The Learning Maestros

The Learning Maestros provides tools to inspire students, teachers, and adults to explore connections among the arts, sciences, the environment, social conscience, and diverse cultures. Founded by the acclaimed composer and educator Bruce Adolphe and cultural impresario Julian Fifer, TLM assembles scientists, artists, writers, and educators to create interdisciplinary learning guides, music, dialogue, and video for classrooms, cultural institutions, the home, andRead More

Always an Olivia

Always an Olivia is the story of the “Olivia” in Carolivia’s name and its place in her family history. Always An Olivia retells Herron’s family story heard from her 103 year old Great Grandmother Olivia when Carolivia was nine years old. This children’s book describes Carolivia’s Jewish and West African (Geechee) ancestors, including the kidnapping of herRead More


How can I say I love God but not love my brothers and sisters whom I see each and everyday?  I most certainly have been one who spoke love from my lips but my heart really truly despised even the sight of the person to whom I spoke.  After seeking and searching, looking high and low for God…YearningRead More

Developing Individualized Programs and Modules

Developing Individualized Programs The typical process for developing individualized programs follows this pattern: 1. Develop a Communal Story. A community or group develops a communal story with guidance from an EpicCenter Storyteller. 2. Identify Areas of Focus. The Storyteller works with participants to find places in the story that can be linked to a focusRead More