Workshop Leaders

How do our lives reflect and shape the truths we live with? Epic Center stories insists that there is evidence of all the disciplines that we need to know – history, math, physics, music, dance, poetry – surrounding every individual in her life or in his life, wherever that life is lived. These stories liveRead More

EpicCenter Stories

Our first and primary goal is to establish a model classrooms in schools and community centers to demonstrate our modules, and begin production of curriculum materials that include: live performances, electronic and face to face instruction, and field trips. We  have recently begun to develop other programs. The first was Epic Publishing. And more recently  a radio broadcast in Takoma RadioRead More

A Prayer for Everyone

Lord, I simply honor and bless You for being who You are! Thank You for Your great love towards me. Thank You for keeping, shielding and protecting me. Thank You for knowing exactly what I need and when. Thank You for affording me the opportunity to be reconciled into right relationship with You. Lord YouRead More

Talking about Love

Oh wow, discussing boundaries is very hard for me, very hard.  I learned true love IS boundaries. Thank God I’m married because I would never date any woman with no boundaries.  Men and women with no boundaries leave all their desires, happiness, direction etc… on someone elses shoulders and get angry when the other personRead More

The Secret to Making Healthy Food Taste Better

So you’re at your local supermarket, perusing the shelves to fill up your get-ripped grocery list, and everything’s going along smoothly. But right before you pick up your usual low-fat plain yogurt or lean cut of sirloin, you notice that tastier options—that sugary fruit-flavored yogurt, the sumptuous porterhouse—are staring you in the face, begging toRead More

EpicCentering the National Mall

Students of the Shining Stars Montessori charter public school (DCPS) presented essays and drawings as responses to people and the places of the National Mall.  Essays on the Statue of Freedom and events, people and places that represent the National Mall,  1963 March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, the Cherry Blossoms andRead More

Make the most of Life

CONSIDER THESE AFFIRMATIONS IN AVOIDING & GETTING RID OF BAGGAGE WHILE ESTABLISHING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES Trust God more than anyone or anything else Know that you are a gift containing many gifts – one major gift being LOVE Take your time, do not rush into anything or allow yourself to be led astray by impulse AvoidRead More

What about Life

“Where, where, where, oh where are all these things? Let me tell you where they are: they are tied up. They are bound – all desiring to be free, right now, in this moment, at the same time. But you cannot be loosed and freed standing in your own might, hardened, turned away, seeking wholenessRead More

30 Years of Falling

Although not funny to me, my children still laugh about me falling a few years ago while I was out running. They more or less laugh at the circumstance by which I fell not really that I hurt myself but nevertheless, I was devastated by this particular incident. The fall actually created an avalanche inRead More

To My Daughter

Before you were brought forth, you were loved. As the prayers flowed and the tears fell, you were loved. On the day of your birth and you showed up, you were loved. As the doctors were working to pull you into this world, you were loved. Once you were placed in my hands, I realizedRead More