Push It To The Limits

Sometimes we must deal with and allow burning and aching to take place. I know dealing with pain is extremely uncomfortable, but also necessary in order to achieve desired results / outcomes. And I am NOT only speaking in terms of the pain you endure to accomplish physical fitness, but the aches and pains that stretchRead More

Should I take Tamiflu?

It’s been a nasty flu season and it’s still getting worse. At least 37 children have died and adults ages 50-64 are being hospitalized in much greater numbers than in recent years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There’s been a recent scramble for flu shots, but it takes two weeks for theRead More

Dangerous desserts

“Another day, another ‘clean eating’ instagramer posting images of toxic flowers on food,” Wong tweeted. “It may not contain dairy or gluten *gasp* but it does contain the toxic plant alkaloid, lycorine. Symptoms: Itching, swelling, (and in quantity) nausea, vomiting & convulsions.” Thephoto accompanying Wong’s post was originally posted by Marie Reginato, a San Francisco-based cookbook author and vegan chefRead More

Learning to let it go

Nothing – not your faith, your love, peace, joy, hope, worship, praise – NOTHING will be freed, released, set free until you ARE broken. Do you know why? Because the God you speak with in tears desires every part of you, not just pieces of you.  I, your God, desire your uninhibited worship without restraint –Read More

Ways to Exercise at Work

It’s no secret that a primarily sedentary lifestyle equals an unhealthy lifestyle. The more time you spend parked in a chair (or on your couch), the higher your risk for obesity-related diseases, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Yet despite the warnings, it’s hard to avoid a sitting-centric day, especially if, like the majority ofRead More

The Power To Go On

What more could I ask for… This year has been simply amazing! I have loved, lost, gained new friends, my family expanded, dreams came to fruition, fears faded, faith increased, focus improved and my territory increased in ways I could not imagine it would.

My Strength Is My Faith

I decree and declare, this is the year we TRULY walk by faith and NOT by sight I decree and declare, this is the year of excellent stewardship I decree and declare, this is the year of humility Decree and declare increase over everything in your life, BUT know this, YOU must be willing to do theRead More