I am not average. Never have been. Can’t be Don’t desire to be. I wasn’t built, created, or made averagely My expectations are through the roof My faith is bigger than the universe My love is forgiving and kind… …it is enormous beyond eternity My heart is warm, inviting, and accepting My strength is greater thanRead More

Our Deepest Fear

Yesterday I did something I rarely do. I sat still for two hours watching television, more specifically, the movie Coach Carter. For me, it was a well deserved break from the current duties and responsibilities of reading (A LOT), writing, and researching. Equally, that two hours served as not only relaxation but also motivation and an urgent reminder of theRead More

Not Free until broken…

While lying in the bed this morning I had a gentle reminder of a meditation shared on the prayer line in November of 2011 and again June 2012. My first thought was, “Why? Why broken?” and I heard this, “Pressure means God desires to pull something out in order to pour something greater in”. IRead More

Two Thousand Sixteen Reasons…

It’s been almost seven months since my last post. (My how time flies) Many significant milestones have happened since this time last year. I left my place of familiar (Baltimore) and opened a new chapter in my journey (In Georgia). Until this very moment, I had not realized how much courage it takes to doRead More

One hundred and Fifty Percent Invested

Greetings! This week I spent a lot of time thinking, mapping, planning, expecting, praying, and then believing my efforts and faith will lead me to my destined end (over and over again – visionaries understand that in this life, you will continually arrive). I studied, researched, and meditated, but most importantly; I invested in ME!Read More

The Gift

Christmas has come and gone – still, there is a highly requested gift on many wish lists. People desire this gift as much as they do houses, cars, money, respect, and even love. But of all the valuable gifts to receive, this gift stands alone. Once given, it cannot be given again. It has bothRead More

Imagine That!!!

After much cogitation regarding the prior year (2016), I declare with the voice of Mr. Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. (SMILING WITHIN & OUTWARDLY) Creative beings such as myself and probably many of you reading this post, typically venture into uncertain territory to formulate and cultivateRead More

A Greater Strength

Some of my greatest powers and strengths come in the form of knowing my own limitations and thus knowing when to ask for help. It comes after constant inward battles of inadequacy. It comes with the ever nagging thoughts of who will judge me. It comes rejection after rejection due to expectations that one sees,Read More

Recycling Dirt…

After sharing the first ten chapters of my twenty chapter memoir, “Hell & Heaven at 8”, I decided to take a brief intermission in order to share a few things pressing in my spirit before presenting the last twenty chapters. Today I would like to share my thoughts about recycling dirt. She mistreats him becauseRead More

A Key Ingredient for Success

“My eyes have always seen what I see today and they still see what is to come.” (SJWH) Do you understand the above quote?  I will explain but first allow me to share with you… Two weeks ago I received “Strengthening Your Walk,” a daily devotional I am honored to participate in writing alongside fourteenRead More