Exercise For Healthy Living

‘Tis the season to throw in the towel on your exercise routine. After all, trail hikes, park runs, playground visits and even short walks to the car en route to a heated gym seem less attractive in darkness and bitter cold. But rather than telling you how to ramp up your exercise motivation in cold weather (there’s already endlessRead More

Protein Bars: Healthy or Hype

Although I have always loved to work out and take care of my body, eating healthy has been something that I have constantly struggled with – and chocolate is the only one to blame. For this reason, when the much-hyped protein bars first started to gain a following, I was one of the first ones to jump into theRead More

An Organic Diet Is A Healthy Investment

Most parents are aware that organic foods contribute to a healthy and wholesome diet for their growing children, but making the switch comes with some questions. Will going organic be significantly more expensive? What are the best items on the weekly grocery list to switch to organic versions? And if your grocery run has becomeRead More

Foods for a Healthy Body

Healthy eating can be easy. It’s all about balance. With more and more types of foods available at markets across the country, it can be overwhelming to figure out just what to eat for optimal health. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard — or expensive. It’s time to simplify healthy eating, starting with someRead More

Eat More Chocolate If You Want To Be Healthy

In the words of Cathy and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, “Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Aack!” To its countless worshippers, chocolate is not just a delicious treat; it’s a lifestyle. So it helps to receive any confirmation whatsoever that it’s a healthy one. Brown University researchers have done their part, finding more evidence to bolster claims that compoundsRead More

Chef Dom

Born and raised in Saint Marc, Haiti, Dominique, his four siblings and his parents moved to the states when he was just nine years old. While His parents were at work he would head straight for the kitchen to try out new ideas in cooking. When his mom would cook a young Chef Dom wouldRead More