Ways To Eat Less Sugar

Got a sweet tooth? Most of us are guilty as charged. And especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s no end in sight to candy consumption. For starters, a basic fact: According to the American Heart Association, the daily recommended amounts of added sugar differ by gender, which means 6 teaspoons (25 grams or 100 calories) for women andRead More

Have No Fear

Ok, here’s my point: Over the last few years, I learned, I am my greatest asset! And yes, YOU are your greatest assets as well so invest in yourself in order to achieve your goals. We are all uniquely different beings filled with various gifts. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Setting Goals For Your Life

Little by little, I achieved success with perseverance by simply pushing through tough places. It was not easy. I had many sleepless nights (up writing while the house and the people in it slept). My mother passed away while I was striving on the pathway to success and although I slowed down to a creepRead More