The Power To Go On

What more could I ask for… This year has been simply amazing! I have loved, lost, gained new friends, my family expanded, dreams came to fruition, fears faded, faith increased, focus improved and my territory increased in ways I could not imagine it would.

My Strength Is My Faith

I decree and declare, this is the year we TRULY walk by faith and NOT by sight I decree and declare, this is the year of excellent stewardship I decree and declare, this is the year of humility Decree and declare increase over everything in your life, BUT know this, YOU must be willing to do theRead More

Common drug must be repackaged

As part of the fight against the nation’s opioid epidemic, the US Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday, one common antidiarrheal drug should be given new packaging. The agency is working with manufacturers to change the packaging of the drug loperamide to include blister packs and single-dose packaging, which could reduce the likelihood of overdose,Read More