What Is The Gift

The gift is time! Embrace every moment, for time is a precious gift; given, yet easily snatched away. So honor the gift of time! Love time! Enjoy time! Embrace good times and bad times because there comes a time when time will be no more.

Always Invest In Yourself

This week I spent a lot of time thinking, mapping, planning, expecting, praying, and then believing my efforts and faith will lead me to my destined end (over and over again – visionaries understand that in this life, you will continually arrive). I studied, researched, and meditated, but most importantly; I invested in ME!

Why I Can’t Eat Without My Cellphone

Americans can’t even eat a meal without having their cellphone closeby, according to a new study reported by SWNS news service. Among 2,000 people surveyed, one in three people are distracted when eating and 29 percent said their phone accompanies every meal they eat. The study was commissioned by Nutrisystem, the weight loss company, which also found thatRead More

The Joy Of Loving You

It’s easy to think of success in terms of fortune and fame. However, I have always measured success in my own way. My greatest achievements up to this point includes: successfully graduating two of my children from high school and sending them to college (one more to go — Woo-hoo), becoming a published author, acquiringRead More