Who Are You

Who fights injustices ferociously with limited resources? Who goes against what is popular to institute what is right? Who boost the morale of those considered outcast in order to encourage them as well as remind them, they too are an intricate part of society – no matter their past.

Stress-Proof Life

Ah, a completely stress-free life. No more rushing to work, fretting over bills, or fabricating excuses for why you’re home an hour past curfew (that goes for both Sorry, Mom, and Sorry, Honey). Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course it does. We’re sure it also sounds impossible. But get this: That elusive bliss in aRead More

Making A Plan For Life

Once upon a time I had a plan. One filled with big dreams, high hopes, major expectations, fulfillment and excitement. This plan included a very rigid and structured outline regarding the precise process as well as the most direct route to accomplish each step. First of all, it took a big heart, courage, and boldRead More

Could flu spreaded just by breathing

Influenza virus might be spread simply by breathing, a new flu experiment shows. Here’s why that’s news. The flu virus might be spread not only by coughing and sneezing, but also simply by breathing, researchers say in a new report. That may not sound surprising, but the common wisdom among flu experts has been thatRead More