Enjoy It, Live It, Love It

Whether you sit still, go for a walk, play video games or read your favorite book, just for a moment do it not as ritual or task but see the beauty and satisfaction in it.  Make time to enjoy absolutely nothing sometimes and everything at the same time.  It’s the smallest things that we missRead More

Smiling At The World

Go out and enjoy the earths beautiful landscape with all its vibrant colors and the array of shapes and sizes.  Smile just as much on the inside as you do on the outside allowing your body to accept and let loose your inner child.  Run, jump and skip.  Play ring-around-the-rosey or duck, duck goose.  GoRead More

Back To Life

What more could I ask for… This year has been simply amazing!  I have loved, lost, gained new friends, my family expanded, dreams came to fruition, fears faded, faith increased, focus improved and my territory increased in ways I could not imagine it would.

The Truth Within Myself

Use me to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, assist the elderly and to teach the children.  Use the gifts you imparted in me to stir up gifts in others.  In the process of using me, Lord, I pray to be made better, to be made whole, to remain humble and faithful that you may doRead More