What Then Is The Gift?

The gift is time! Embrace every moment, for time is a precious gift; given, yet easily snatched away. So honor the gift of time! Love time! Enjoy time! Embrace good times and bad times because there comes a time when time will be no more.

Be Patient With Your Time

Be patient, God is with you.    Be patient, love will find you.   Be patient, the job you want will come.   Be patient, your time of suffering will end.   Be patient, you will win if you stay the course.   Be patient, things will change.  Be patient, you will grow up soon enough.(then you’ll complain about being grown)

You Can Do Anything

Do not allow noise to cloud the silence you may need (but not want). It may be in the silence that you find peace and healing. No one should tell you to “just get over it.” That is not in the word, but each of us should try uplifting others with love and gentleness in their times of grief andRead More

Just Being Me

This morning I rose at 5am, sat quietly praying and meditating. When I finished, a great sense of peace came over me. I said out loud, “I am well. I am healthy. I am whole. I am loved. I am full of goodness.” I smiled, realizing I have spoken these words over and over forRead More