Who Am I

“In order to know who you really are, In order to know the power which you possess, In order to grow, In order to live and be free, You must first be willing to¬†embrace every moment…The days before your existence, The days when you came to be and the legacy that you will leave behind…KnowRead More

Precious Little Girl

I bat my big pretty brown eyes with my lashes quickly opening and shutting   I coo, giggle, laugh and smile reaching out for your ear, your nose and for your eyes   Gently I graze your cheeks with the warmth and the softness of my finger tips   I can see in your eyesRead More

What Is Love

We are not all created equal, and we are all not slaves to our drives as for some males There are a few that are more than merely the Sum of our parts We are Men, men who yearn for the opportunity to be the caretakers of all which is sacred and fragile inside yourRead More

Thinking About Love

I do heart fully apologize for feeding that insatiable appetite The appetite of this Womanizing Monster that lay beneath my skin Because its hunger for your physical-sexuality Turned into an intoxicating greed that devoured the sweet emotions you tried hiding deep within I realize that my attempts at reparations could not begin to change whatRead More