Strength We Walk

As long as we understand whose strength we walk in and what power is at work within us, as long as we are fearless, knowing the fear of the Lord is our strength, as long as we know we are equipped with the proper tools, we, much like David can, will and shall win.  We mustRead More

Let Us Pray

Lord, I simply honor and bless You for being who You are! Thank You for Your great love towards me. Thank You for keeping, shielding and protecting me. Thank You for knowing exactly what I need and when. Thank You for affording me the opportunity to be reconciled into right relationship with You. Lord YouRead More

Things You Can Learn About Your Health

Here are some of the things you can learn about your health just be looking your mouth. That you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic Dentist Dr. Gary Glassman told INSIDER that, “ulcers, infections, inflammation of your gums, thrush, bad breath, [and] tooth decay,” can all point to diabetes Since you see a dentist every six months — orRead More

Eating while standing can make you fat

Good eating habits are not just about what we ingest but also, and above all, how we ingest it. Eating slowly and thoughtfully, chewing thoroughly and enjoying a meal sitting down, for example, are all behaviors that can affect your weight. Eating while Standing = Weight Gain You do it all the time—at parties, officeRead More