Instagram: Why your kids love to use it

By now, you’ve heard of Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app owned by Facebook and incredibly popular among the younger crowd. The premise of Instagram is pretty simple: take a picture, jazz it up with a variety of filters, add a caption, then share. It’s the reason your kids might stop eating their meal to takeRead More

Doctors Often Provide Needless Treatment

Doctors continue to provide treatment to patients that is often unnecessary and even harmful, confirms a study published this week in JAMA, which reviewed a year of research on so-called medical overuse. The new study sought to highlight evidence of unnecessary care from clinicians, and turned up plenty of examples, including: Treatment for early-stage prostateRead More

Mitts Fits

Greetings! I’m Bernard Seaborn, UFC Striking Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Instructor, and founder of “MittsFits”.  The demand for martial arts infused fitness programs has grown exponentially with the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts entertainment shows like the UFC and Bellator. Traditional martial arts schools and big chain gyms are hanging heavy bags, andRead More

Meditation May Help Against Heart Disease

For the first time, the American Heart Association (AHA) is issuing a statement on the effects of meditation on the heart. AHA experts reviewed dozens studies analyzing eight different types of meditation and their effects on various heart disease risk factors and outcomes, from heart attack to blood pressure, stress, atherosclerosis and smoking cessation. Overall,Read More

An Organic Diet Is A Healthy Investment

Most parents are aware that organic foods contribute to a healthy and wholesome diet for their growing children, but making the switch comes with some questions. Will going organic be significantly more expensive? What are the best items on the weekly grocery list to switch to organic versions? And if your grocery run has becomeRead More

Think You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency

Everyone says we’re not getting enough of it, but what is vitamin D, anyway? Winter is coming, and unfortunately, we’re not talking about “Game of Thrones.” We’re talking about shorter days, less sunlight and the associated risks of developing a vitamin D deficiency. Dubbed “the sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D sounds sort of adorable. Like maybeRead More