A Lifetime In A Day

You will enjoy the gift of life and mourn those same lives. You enjoy a time of fruitfulness and growth and a time of what appears to be decay (or stagnation) in growth. You will have times where you have much to say and other times where you will be have nothing to say atRead More

The Faith In You

God-crafted design. Speak well over yourself. Do not cave to the negative voices of others, and certainly do not give in to negative self talk. There’s value in positivity that manifest when you think it, speak it, and believe it – you then BECOME what you think, speak, and believe.

Energy drinks are the health risks

Caffeine can cause major health conditions, including problems with heart and blood vessels, the National Institutes of Health has warned. One couple apparently learned that the hard way when the husband was left with a hole in his skull and suffered a brain hemorrhage after what doctors said was “excessive energy drink consumption,” his wife claimed. TheRead More

Know About Your Smile

Get a healthy smile Of course everyone wants bright white teeth. But the benefits of a beautiful smile are more than just cosmetic. Researchers have found links between poor oral health and conditions that involve the heart, the brain, and other parts of the body—all the more reason to give your kisser the best care possible. Read onRead More