Taking A Stand In My Life

Today, I encourage you to pour into YOURSELF FIRST! That is not a selfish act, in fact, it is an act of love for God, yourself, and others God calls you to serve. Embrace the Pouring! Embrace self-love! Embrace Yourself! I love you! Have a magnificent day! Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris

Thankful For Today

Holy and loving God, hear the cry of your children. We need you at this moment. Heal hearts that are broken. Be the comfort people need in this moment. Ease stress and make burdens light. Be with the rejected, neglected, betrayed, and those feeling lost and hopeless. Send living angels in the earth to meetRead More

Why We Are Addicted To Smartphones

Apple recently announced the launch of its iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which come with sleek, new features. Apple also hopes to start a new community around the iPhones. Ahead of the launch, Angela Ahrendts, head of retail at Apple, said their stores will be called “Town Squares,” and would double as public spaces, complete with outdoor plazas,Read More