To Believe In Yourself

 I smiled at the thought and took a glance over my life remembering pressures have always produced something greater in me – FAITH – a steadfastness and persistence that I cannot describe with words. Sadness, remorse, frustration, need, the appearance of emptiness and even anger causes me to search for a truth beyond what myRead More

Where Are You

Again I ask you, where is your praise? Where is your lowliness? Where is your determination? Where is your steadfastness? Where is your joy? Where is your love? Where is your heart? Your praise, where is your praise? Where is your mind? Where is your forgiveness? by Misha Roth

Don’t Swallow Your Gum

Chewing gum is a practice particularly frowned upon in most formal settings, from school to the workplace, and is often mocked. But the real problem with chewing gum lies in what could happen if you swallow enough of it – and it’s not pretty. There’s a myth out there that gum stays in your stomachRead More

Licorice lovers beware

When it comes to candy preferences, black licorice might be just as divisive as candy corn. But on the eve of Halloween, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has struck terror in the hearts of black licorice eaters of a certain age by posting a formal warning about the chewy candy. On Monday, the FDARead More

Living My Life By Faith

Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, or whether you read the bible or not; God is near and His word tells us that their is a time and a season for EVERYTHING that we experience in this life. You will laugh, and cry, and be up and then down. You will enjoyRead More

Book’s challenge

Personal trainer Bryant Johnson hears it all the time: Four more years. That’s how long fans of his client, 84-year-old Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, tell him he has to keep her healthy so that a one-term President Donald Trump doesn’t get to name the liberal justice’s replacement on the Supreme Court. Johnson’s response:Read More

The Body on Candy

Your heart, joints and even mood take a hit. Each year, my kids come back from trick-or-treating with pillowcases filled with chocolate bars, taffy, sugar-filled sticks and more. After they’re done swapping their treats and picking their favorites from the pile, I’m stuck with buckets of goodies just begging to be eaten. But before IRead More

Sharing A Prayer With You

My prayer for you today is that you embrace each season as it comes. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask for help. We all need help through difficult situations sometimes. Do not allow noise to cloud the silence you may need (but not want). It may be in the silence that you find peace andRead More

Personality Type May Be Sabotaging Your Exercise

It’s no secret that your character traits directly affect how you interact with the world ― but you might be surprised at just how deep it goes. It includes how you work out. Personality research and experts on the subject say your personality and even your mood can play a pivotal role in how you exercise. This not only includes your preferred methodRead More