It may be raining but

We all like when the sun shines because we can hang out, go to the beach… AND, there’s that something special about the sun that invigorates us.  Most of us prefer not to have the cloudy days.  Although we know the rain is necessary for cleansing and for the growth of things we need like theRead More

No On Is Perfect

I strive to be kind even when others are not so kind to me.  I get angry but work diligently to think good thoughts for it is NOT my desire to act as others do, viciously tearing one another down.  Although, I must admit, I am just as much capable of destructive behaviors and violence asRead More

To My Dad

People always say that there is nothing like a Mother’s love and though this is true, I would like to SCREAM to the world that there is nothing like a Daddy’s love, one that is real, true, pure, authentic… You were my superhero…my superman… by Misha Roth

911…It’s an emergency

I have been holding on to this post since September 11, 2012 and even before then but today, I sit reminiscing about 9-11-01…not merely the destruction, death and fragmented nations…I see it as a 911 call in the Spirit REALM! It remains our reminder as believers that we are called to a higher standard…called to impact theRead More