Have A Vision

How do you develop your vision? Meditate on what you would like to see yourself doing. This takes time. Also, try not to envision someone else. Envision yourself! No two people have the same fingerprints! So, why trace someone else when you can paint your own picture? Use those you admire, to point you inRead More

The Process Of Writing

  The writing process can be a mystery to some people.  Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing is here to keep you encouraged in your writing endeavors. We want to share whatever suggestions and hacks, we have available. Consistency: You’ll notice in many of our articles, consistency is often mentioned. It’s necessary in a world full of distractionsRead More

How to spot and treat colorectal cancer

After a twenty-year period in which the development of colorectal cancer among white Americans under the age of 55 was reported as declining, new evidence shows an increase in the disease. A recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society, using data from the National Center for Health Statistics, uncovered this worrying development and expertsRead More

“My Invite to M”

Dear M, What if I asked you out? A simple walk with me? Would you say yes? If you do then I’ll guarantee, Your time won’t be wasted, Actually time will cease to exist, As we enjoy our conversation And share interests. Yes, you are beautiful. Truly easy on the eyes. But more am IRead More

Developing Clean Manuscripts

Writing is a skill. It’s one that should be practiced and developed, often. The best way to do this, is to create good writing habits. One of the writing habits you should work hard to develop is the proper way to write. In a world filled with FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, etc., where communication comesRead More