The Strength In You

We all must go through our own individual burning and aching.  That just so happens to be called LIVING! Don’t try to avoid the process, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or even financial. Simply go through it, learn from it, and develop in ways that benefit you and those around you!   Embrace it! Embrace YOU!!!Read More

Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes we must deal with and allow burning and aching to take place. I know dealing with pain is extremely uncomfortable, but also necessary in order to achieve desired results / outcomes. And I am NOT only speaking in terms of the pain you endure to accomplish physical fitness, but the aches and pains that stretchRead More

Run to Reap All the Benefits

If running is your thing, it can make you feel like a ~*queen*~ – and there’s no doubt it’s good for your body, mind, soul, etc. The thing is, putting one foot in front of the other requires so much effort that many people don’t want to bother. (I FEEL YOU.) However, the results of a new study suggestRead More

Junk Food Ingredients To Avoid

Go ahead and eat your favorite forbidden snacks on National Junk Food Day, but we recommend avoiding these three questionable ingredients. Break out the Oreos and milk, because today is National Junk Food Day. Every year on July 21, people use this holiday with questionable origins as an excuse to eat their favorite snacks. Junk foodRead More