Live It To the Fullest

Smile just as much on the inside as you do on the outside allowing your body to accept and let loose your inner child.  Run, jump and skip.  Play ring-around-the-rosey or duck, duck goose.  Go dancing, skating or grab your hoola-hoop.  When you eat, don’t inhale your food as you are accustomed to doing –Read More

Enjoy Your Life

Whether you sit still, go for a walk, play video games or read your favorite book, just for a moment do it not as ritual or task but see the beauty and satisfaction in it.  Make time to enjoy absolutely nothing sometimes and everything at the same time.  It’s the smallest things that we missRead More

My Inner Strength

The wind blows, torrential rains pour, ice, sleet snow, the branches may even grow heavy and weak but it is assured that the season will change.  The tree is assured the sun will shine again. Leaves blow off at one time of year but still the tree remains unmovable – it is grounded and does notRead More

My Prayer to You

Father God, it is I, your child.  I am desirous to sit in your presence.  I only ask that you incline your ear to hear the very heart of me at this precise moment. Here I am Lord.  Early I rise seeking your guidance.  I am in need of more of you.  Hear thy servantsRead More