What a Wonderful Life

You must first be willing to embrace every moment… The days before your existence, The days when you came to be and the legacy that you will leave behind… Know thyself, Embrace who you are” ~ Stacie J Whitaker-Harris

The Strength in Me

My strength comes in the acknowledgement of the perfectly imperfect thorns in my flesh. The anger, hatred, rage and self-destructive behaviors that seemingly rise with the thought of conquering my mind by consuming my soul…drawing from it the love that is mine to both give and receive. My strength is in my stance, in myRead More

How often you need to exercise

If you’ve renewed your commitment to getting fit now that spring is in the air, you may be wondering how much time that goal will require. If you want your workouts to produce real results, exercise has to be a regular habit, says Chris Jordan, the exercise physiologist who came up with the 7-minute workout. Jordan’sRead More