Speaking My Thoughts

It is my hope that you gain an understanding of your own significance to begin embracing who you are and without defining yourself according to failures, successes, generational curses or the like.  Essentially, healing broken women leads to healing and restoration of broken boys, men and prayerfully, families. by Stacie

Daddy’s Girl

Life has come full circle and I KNOW THAT GOD LOVED BOTH OF US ALL ALONG. Thank you for being a wonderful daughter. Thank you for loving me, and I certainly thank God I was and am still able to love you. Nothing, not even death can keep me from loving you! Love You BabyRead More

Learning a Valuable Lesson

Yes, I’ve been successful, but in pursuing my goals I have also fallen flat on my face. Those disappointments may have discouraged me for a moment, but ultimately, tough times, pain, and even despair taught me valuable lessons. by Misha Roth

I Have Faith

I trust God in all I do and I pray that you do the same. Know that you were created with purpose in mind. We are all different “ingredients” for one delicious recipe! Be well, Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris