Live for Love

Live for a chance to Love Love that chance as you live It is only a real man that can handle a woman’s heart When its Love that she chooses to give! With Love, One Abstract One Posted by Stacie

To My Brothers

We are not all created equal, and we are all not slaves to our drives as for some There are a few that are more than merely the Sum of our parts We are Men, men who yearn for the opportunity to be the caretakers of all which is sacred and fragile inside your hearts…Read More

Man Oh Man

An intellectual with the superhuman ability to touch me without ever having touched me – I’m in awe of his skills, no groupie just proud to know a man of his intense nature. That’s What a Woman Wants!!! by Misha Roth

Looking At Success

It’s easy to think of success in terms of fortune and fame. However, I have always measured success in my own way. My greatest achievements up to this point includes: successfully graduating two of my children from high school and sending them to college (one more to go — Woo-hoo), becoming a published author, acquiringRead More