Talking To You

When I consider all the roads I have traveled that was contrary to the places I should have been… As I consider these things, I humble myself, knowing life could be so different for me… As I think of the various outcomes that could have come to pass due to my thinking, the things IRead More

I Know I Am

I know that I’m loved because when troubles come my mind rest and my thoughts are at ease. Truthfully Father, its You I aim to please. But with loud sounds to disrupt my ear gates and winds blowing ferociously trying to blind me from seeing the truth and the light, I squench my eyes andRead More

Looking At People

However, I would like to suggest that we are often unable to see the true nature of the people who are before us. Why? Because so many of the Men, Women, boys and girls we encounter are wounded, confused, misguided people carrying weights they never asked to carry. These people represent the young boy whoRead More

My Prayer for Toay

I pray that you fortify our hearts individually and collectively and that we become a people of greater conviction and commitment for Your word as well as a people of deep compassion.  I release the two sides of self of each person reading this post into Your hands Lord for You to have Your way doingRead More